TIMFuck Volume 10

Cast: Red, Fosster Riviera, Marcus Isaacs, Morgan Black, Erik Grant, Peto Coast, Jacob Lee, Brad Rioux, Hot Rod, Brad McGuire, John Dahl, Enigma, Lucky Joe, Armin Philipps, Yan, Jon Phoenix, Lukas Cipriani

Directed by Paul Morris, Liam Cole, and Max Sohl
TIMFuck Volume 10 is our latest collection of hand picked gut-breeding scenes from TIMFuck available for the first time here in the TIM Store on DVD and download.
There’s nothing TIM Exclusive Brad McGuire likes more than a nice submissive hole to use for his infamously massive uncut meat. Morgan Black is normally a top himself so it takes a while for his tight hole to open up to Brad’s hard drill fucking, but soon enough the incomparable topman has turned Morgan into another one of his cumdumps, ass-up begging for that alpha male seed. A Max Sohl scene. Infamous Euro stud Peto Coast and his uncut mammoth cock need no introduction. He gives insatiable fuck slut John Dahl a taste of what he’s in for, as an upside down blow job turns into a throat-stretching skullfuck. When he’s had enough of that hole, Peto takes ownership of John’s ass, mercilessly jackhammering the overwhelmed and overjoyed bottom six ways to Sunday before filling him to overflowing with white hot jizz. Lucky Joe and Yan were in the middle of a weekend-long fuck marathon when Liam Cole dropped by. What starts as a friendly visit turns into an impromptu filming session when the guys catch sight of Liam’s camera. After Yan’s talented tongue gets his impressive rod good and hard once more, Lucky Joe wastes no time impaling his cock slut cohort. Grunting and moaning in pure pleasure, and just a little agony from the sheer girth of Lucky Joe’s meat, Yan joyfully takes each deep thrust and every drop of spooge Joe gives him. A Liam Cole scene.

Total size: 1.2 GB in 3 files.

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