Patrick – StraightHell

Studio: StraightHell
Cast: Patrick
Genres: Gay, BDSM, Tied, Big cock, Bondage, Hardcore, Straight, Swallow, Fetish, Group, Deepthroat, Spanked, DP, Fuck machine

Cuffed into stress position, gagged, secured by tight ball rope, nipples pegged, flogged, mop handle shoved up arse, cocksucking…
Still , Patrick’s stag night hell seems to have no end in sight. We manhandle him into a bent over position with rigid police cuffs keeping his wrists uncomfortably high, lash up his genitals with a rope, and shove a gag into his protesting mouth. After a pair of painful clamps on his nipples, and some nasty little pegs on his nuts, the whinging muscle cunt just begs to be given a sound thrashing.
I pick up my flogger and whip Patrick’s sexy arse, so flagrantly displayed to the whole nightclub earlier that evening. The straight show-off deserves every stroke, especially the ones which tear off all the pegs pinching his testicles, sending the tearful boy staggering backwards in agony.
When the bastard’s arse cheeks are warmed up properly, I grab the toilet mop and it right into his already battered and sore hole. The hard, unforgiving wooden stick rams right up into his guts, battering his insides with every thrust.
To compound Patrick’s suffering, I use my free hand to flog him some more, while rampantly horny Stan greedily uses the straight boy’s mouth as a cockhole. Stan vigorously fucks his face, slamming his cock in deeper and deeper as Patrick chokes and gags, his drool flying everywhere.
But even when we stop, there’s no end to this hell for Patrick. We stroll off for a pint, and he’s left with the mop up his arse, bent over with nipple clamps on – his naked humiliation on display as an invitation to anyone else who may feel a sadistic urge.

Total size: 1.3 GB in 5 files.

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