Nicholas – StraightHell

Studio: StraightHell
Cast: Dave, Master Adrian, Nicholas
Genres: Gay, BDSM, DP, Flogging, Gag Training, Involuntary Arousal, Rope Bondage, Spanking, Spanking

Dave and Adrian have been busy with Nicholas’s punishment and humiliation training and it finally comes to the ultimate form of submission training: The sadistic, cruel tops bind Nicholas’s arms and legs frogtie style to him to crawl on his elbows and knees – Nicholas now enters training and by now he’s so thoroughly broken and eager to submit to the will of his masters he’s running, jumping and begging like a big dumb . Dave and Adrian are a bit astounded at the stunning success of their training in such a short time, but nonetheless, they enjoy themselves greatly Nicholas to play fetch, roll over and chew on a bone. As a reward for his submission in the training, Nicholas is allowed to suck on Adrian’s hard cock, and once he’s got Adrian feeling warm and horny, Nicholas bends over and lets his dominant master penetrate his hetero asshole while his bulging prick. Dave joins in, fucking Nicholas’s mouth until both tops are satisfied and shower Nicholas in hot cum and shame.

Total size: 620.1 MB in 1 files.

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