Mark Blom Gets Helping Hand (1080p)

Release Year: 2016
Cast: Mark Blom
Genres: Twink, Jerking Off, Masturbation, Handjob, Helping Hand, Massage, Cum Shot, Ass Play, Fingering, Anal Toys, Dildo

Newcomer Mark – Exclusive Handjob Casting:
Gentlemen, we have a treat for you! Mark Blom is our latest exclusive model – and boy, does he perform! Our producer will get him slowly undressed, and one can not to notice Mark’s nice flat abs and athletic body, but wait till you see his massive thick cock, which our producer keeps fondling and working with so it stays hard! And Mark is enjoying the occasion. Little bonus pissing in the end! This is part One of Two, so stay tuned!

Exclusive Handjob Casting part 2 – Cumshot:
Boy we have an eye candy for you! Part 2 of Mark Blom’s video, full 20min action! Feel Mark’s smooth hard body, feel his nipples, his muscles, his firm tummy and buttocks through hand of our producer, before shifting attention to Mark’s truly huge cock, which just gets hard as a rock in no time! Mark and our producer are taking turns jerking it off, until cock produces wad of cum, which Mark is only happy to taste!

Big Dick Handjob in the bathroom:
Star of this video is Mark Blom and prominent guest star Marks’ big DICK. Mark is in a hot tub and our producer is tending to Mark’s nice smooth body before turning his attention over to the guest star.. Mark’s COCK. Nice thick, throbbing cock, hard as a rock deliveres, while Mark’s asshole also gets explored!!

Big Dick Massage – Handjob and Cumshot:
More of our cute fav Mark Blom for your enjoyment! Mark is grateful for attention he is getting from our producer and enjoys every second of it! Our producer will soon turn his full attention to Mark’s massive cock, and will take turns with Mark jerking it off. Then while fingering Mark’s ass he will go for a final jerkoff and Mark’s cock will explode with wads of cum!

Back in the limo – Play with a big Dick:
More of Mark Blom by popular demand! This time we pick Mark in a limo (guess who is the driver), and our producer on back seat is making sure Mark is having some fun! Mark is horny as ever and his cock is just waiting to spring out of those pants. When that happens you will enjoy seeing massive hard dick being jerked off, while driving through busy streets of Prague. Fun then continues in the studio – with a surprise!

Handjob – Cumshot – Massage:
We have a treat for you gentlemen: Mark Blom was whisked in our limo to a secret underground location for a meeting with Mister Hand Jobs. As you will be able to see, 1/2 hour meeting went very well…It involved exploration of Mark’s cock which is still hard like a rock and will still deliver the goods on demand, and also lots of ass fingering and – ass fuck as well!

Total size: 10.2 GB in 6 files.

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