Love Forever

Video language: English

Wataru had been Twinkle Angel’s main model for 4 years, since "Velvet Blue" in 2002. Twinkle Angel likes to keep top models for a long time, and prior to Wataru, they had another long-standing model, Sho, who lasted from the company’s beginnings in the mid-1990’s until 2000. Sho (the "Twinkle Boy") also went out with a retirement. As for Wataru, his first year was his best, with "Velvet Blue", "Hello! Twinkle" and "Wataru Expose", and those films really sold, when the competition in gay porn was not so keen. In this video, we see him aged a lot, and he looked no better than any man on the streets. Yet, his three co-stars also didn’t have the required star quality to be successors. There was a 3P scene of Wataru with two younger models, which was only half a scene; they just JO each other in bed with no ending. Then they played in an outdoor pool, joined by a 4th young man. A 4P scene followed where Wataru sat on the 4th model’s cock briefly, and that was it; the rest was only hand-job and blow-job. The 3rd and last scene did not have Wataru, and starred the other 3 models. It was a good 2P anal scene to begin with, but somehow the director turned it into a 3P by having the 3rd model enter the room, which was about the most unnecessary thing I have ever seen. The three had a sucking daisy chain, and a sandwiching fuck which lasted a few seconds. All in all, don’t expect a lot, "Love Forever" is not too memorable, and no love was depicted in the video.

Total size: 1.4 GB in 2 files.

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