FitCasting – Christmas Special – Andrew, Dan, Sam in Lazy Boy Competition (720p)

Three Russian guys from the FitCasting club in Moscow decided to work out in order to build muscle and give their figure a sporty and erotic look. They are quite relaxed and are not shy about showing off their nudity. These are: Andrew, who you already liked in the previous series, and Dan and Sam. The athletes are joined by their strict coach, Stas. He has his own methods of training. In my opinion, the carrot and stick method gives good results. The guys are not shy, they often masturbate, and their dicks are in a beautiful, "fighting" position. The finale is a very spectacular ejection of sperm!!! It should be understood that it is very difficult to maintain an erection under considerable strain. Coach Stas also walks with his stack… But the athletes are up to the task! Maybe Stas’ "carrot" helps?

Format: mp4
Video: 1280×720

Total size: 144.1 MB in 2 files.

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